Sunday, 28 September 2014

Baby Bunnies & Chickens

I had to tell my dear friend, Miri today that one of the babies her rabbit had, is not going to live. It was very hard, and I prayed about it as soon as I realised I had to tell my very  sweet and gentle friend this sad news.
God gave me the strength to tell her, but oh, it was hard. He is what they call a peanut. Which means he is not genetically viable and will not live much longer than 2 weeks. He doesn't have the growth tissue to grow properly, so Phillip and I are going over later to....ahem....send him to the big burrow in the sky. On the plus side, the other two bunnies are super healthy. Miri is keeping one, the chunky fat one and we are taking the other. We've decided he or she looks like they will have a name beginning with F, so he or she will be Florence/Florrie or Freddie.

We are *hopefully* expecting a litter of bunnies ourselves. On Saturday and Sunday we bred our two dutch rabbits, Shelley and George. It was very interesting to watch, especially as George was still getting the hang of what he had to do. He missed the mark a few times, and was trying it on Shelley's head. It was a bit amusing really! We hope that the litter will be born around the end of October, and thus ready to leave Shelley in the week leading up to Christmas.
George and Shelley

In other news, we are thinking of getting a pair of hens! Phillip saw them advertised on Facebook, and we are working out how we can house them in our garden. It's very exciting! Good chicken names anyone? Some names I like are Gertie, Daisy, Hilda, Freya, Tessie, Polly and Julia. :)

We are off to church this afternoon after going for a meal with Phill's parents to celebrate my birthday on Tuesday and my father in law's birthday on Wednesday. 

Not much has happened over this week, but I hope next week will bring a few more exciting adventures, and not so many sad ones. 

Emma x

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