Saturday, 21 February 2015

Lent to Easter Home Ed Blogging - Day 1

This is the time of day where I can wind down a little, especially when Phill is home. I can come upstairs and plan the next day's activities before I am tired, and while the children are happy to sit and have some tv time or play with Phill (or nap as Ellizabeth is doing now!).

I like to have rhythm to our days as we all know what to expect and it generally goes with what Charles and Ellizabeth like to do anyway. 

Today we started by getting out some toys that are really good for fine motor skills. We have the bead maze and the train set from Ikea, both are great for this. The three of us sat together talking about the colour of the beads, and their shapes and Charles made up a story about his train, and where it was going. These two toys are wooden, and lovely and £15 for the two of them! 

Next we had snack time, we had a lovely banana, chocolate, peanut butter, soy smoothie each. Yum! 

After snack time we sat and read some books, luckily as it is Saturday, Phill is home so we all sat together, the four of us and read several stories. 

After some stories Charles and Ellizabeth had some free play time while we sorted out some lunch and prepared some afternoon activities. 

I made puffy paint! 

We had a quick walk together, to do some colouring spotting. We saw a grey tree, orange bricks, a blue car, a yellow house and a brown fence. It was fun! 

Charles wanted to forgo doing number work, so we moved onto some arts and crafts using the puffy paint I'd made earlier.

Charles' is on the left and Ellizabeth's is on the right. 

After the puffy paint it was time to go and visit my grandparents, while we were there Charles was practising some counting of blocks. So after saying he didn't want to do any number work today, he did some of his own accord which made me laugh a little! 

Once we were home Charles got out his letter stencils and asked me to help him write his name. He practised twice with the stencils and then had a go on his own. He did a great job and I'm so proud of him! :) 

Top: with stencils
Bottom: without stencils!

After the stencils we decided to learn about hail, we'd been caught out in some when we were leaving Nannie and Grandad's and Charles wanted to know how the rain became "ice rain". We have a book about weather, so we had a read about hail, and Phill and Charles looked at wind and how much it rains in different places in the world as well. 

They are now having some tv time while I blog and Phill sorts out some tea for us all. 

I have a rough timetable that we try and follow, and I also have a curriculum set out that covers the Early Years Foundation Stage. Ellizabeth gets included in that, so she also does activities that she can do and thrive with. 

That's all for now, 

Have a great night! 

Emma x


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