Sunday, 25 January 2015

January plans

We aren't planning much for the last week of January.

On Monday, we are heading over to Kingston Lacy to meet with some other home educating families. It will be our first big meet that has lots of older children.

On Tuesday, we are going to build our own calendar to hang on the wall. We've been talking about the weather, and the seasons. Charles enjoys looking out the window each morning and describing the weather to me before we get ready for the day. It helps us choose our clothes for the day.

On Wednesday, Charles may go to preschool. If he doesn't we'll have a chat about winter and maybe do some winter themed crafts. If the weather is nice we will see if my Nanny wants to come to the park with us in the afternoon.

On Thursday, we are planning a family trip to Ikea. Yay! Charles enjoys trying all the sofas and beds and playing with the toys. Mama and Daddy like to dream shop new furniture, fabrics and gadgets. *smile*

On Friday we probably won't do very much. It might be a lazy day, or we might take a trip to the library and read some books that we don't have a home.

Moving on;

Charles has been asking for some time for pocket money. He sees a toy or a magazine that he would like to buy and asks us for money to get it. We nearly always say no, mainly because we can't afford it but also because we both feel really strongly about him earning the money to buy things he wants, even from this early age.

I told him, that if he did 4 jobs for me around the house each day I could pay him. My rate is 4p per day. Today he was very keen to do jobs for me, and was pestering me most of the morning for chores to do. *smile* Let's see how long he keeps it up. Today he swept the floor in the kitchen, checked on the outside animals, picked up dirty laundry and put it in the hamper and tidied up his toys. So he got his 4p. I have left it out for him, so he'll get it in the morning when he comes down. I can't wait to see his face.

He also was pretty cool today when it came to potty training. He was in pants most of the morning and early afternoon and only had one sort of accident. We even went for a walk to the shop (1.5 hrs!). He sat down on the potty when we got back from our walk, and in his haste forgot to pull his pants and trousers down. Bless his heart. *smile*. He did a really good job though! We are going to try him again tomorrow in pants and see how he does. I think we are really heading towards being potty ready now! I am so excited for him!

Ellizabeth is saying a few words now, Mama, Dada, Dars (Charles), Dog, Cat, "What's that", Hiya, Bye Bye, Get, and That. I think there are a few more but I cannot remember them just now.
She's also learnt to high five. It is very sweet.

I saw my Grandad today. It was very hard. He is not really here anymore, and they are raising his morphine to make him sleepier. It is hard to talk about without being very sad and crying. I love him very much, and will miss him terribly when he is gone. I am thanking God for this precious time we've had with him. Time to say goodbye, times to treasure. He has told me he loves me, and my children. He has heard me say that I love him. It warms my heart to have these special memories and to know that my grandfather loves me, and he loves my darling children. Thanks be to God.

I had better sign off now, I've blogged more than I thought I would and it is now very late!

Emma xx

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