Friday, 23 January 2015

Getting back on track.

Hi all,

Charles (3) and I have been talking recently about getting back on track with our home schooling adventures. We have, of course, been having lots of adventures but none that we really wanted to blog about.

We were all poorly over Christmas and New Year, and then both children had their birthdays and then we've had some family issues. Unfortunately my paternal grandfather is coming to the end of his life after being poorly for a few months. I've been visiting him as much as I can, daily in fact. The children have missed the time with me, which has been hard. Phillip has been stepping up even more (he's already a super hands on Dad) and doing some home schooling with Charles.

We've been keeping Charles off pre-school this week as I have just needed to be with him. He's a really sensitive soul and has been very attentive. We've done lots of things just the two of us to make up for me being cranky and sad.

Our friends over at have this great Around the World curriculum that we are going to use some bits of. That is the great thing about home education, we can learn about the countries we want to learn about, when we want to learn about them.

We are learning about a country each month, so watch this space.

Charles is doing really well with his numbers and letters. He is very keen to learn to read and tell the time. He has a tendency to sit down with a workbook and rush through it. So we are trying to do lots of other things that he is interested in so he doesn't just zoom through our pre school curriculum books!

I will pop another post up in a moment with our plans for this month. :)


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