Sunday, 24 May 2015

Blog Challenge Post 2

Top 3 Funniest/Most Awkward Moments

1) Recently I tried to get on to the Facebook account of the pen name I used to blog and write when I was in sixth form. I accidentally put the wrong email address in and completely unknowingly hacked someone else's Facebook account....OOPS!

2) When I was almost due to give birth to Charles in 2011, my cat Kizzy brought me the sort of gift that only a cat child can bring, a dead pigeon. She started plucking it on my bedroom floor. I rang my husband at work and asked him "Hypothetically speaking, if our cat brought my a huge dead pigeon and started plucking it all over our bedroom floor, what would I need to do..." I've never heard him laugh so much in my entire life. 

3) When I told another mother at my son's preschool that we were home educating and she looked so disgusted she looked like she was going to be sick. I actually laughed out loud, right to her face. There was no denying that I was laughing at her face. I still chuckle at it now. 

What are you funniest moments? 

Mama x 

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